Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Steering Failure on 1992 SM72 "Aloha"

Stephen Davis


Thanks for checking, as every scrap of information is helpful at this point. I am curious as to why you new cables would be 2 feet longer than the originals.


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I have been scrolling through the previous owner’s  blog, and can’t find exactly when the cables were replaced.  I’ll guess and say about 2012.  They had trouble with the steering being very stiff, and tracked it down to the cables.  I don’t remember them having any special difficulties installing the new cables.

I have not dug into the details of the differences between the various ultraflex systems, other than to see that it is a complex mix of current, legacy, and obsolete systems!

Bill Kinney
Sm 160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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