Re: Storage in the galley Super Maramu 2000

Gary Wells

Well,my wife would be the expert but here's what I've learned through keen observations and the occasional "honey, where do we keep the .....?"

At 5'2" she has a pretty good challenge with the deep cabinets as well.  We do own a pair of 'reaching-thingies" .. can grabber claws . that help manage that..  Mostly, the cabinets are full of seldom used things including the Soda Stream, electric kettle and vacuum sealer (only out at dock) and 'back-up" canned goods.
Our boat (#209) doesn't have a dishwasher so the extra cupboard is full of the zip-loc bags, foils, parchment, and the lesser used spices in a portable rack. the cupboard under the sink has the pressure cooker and some other nesting pots and pans.

Virtually all of the silverware and cutlery are in the two drawers under the countertop .. with the exception of the plastic and nylon stuff (spatulas, ladles, stirring spoons, tongs) which are held in "vases" in the rack above the fridge.

All our dishware is kept in the two aft cabinets, stbd side, in the salon.  It stacks nicely (all melamine) and since it's not metal can safely live close to the electronics.

All the foodstuffs basically are in the bilges, in their own bins (in case of leakage). Keeps the weight of canned goods low.

We have the two big drawers beneath the salon settee; one has mixing bowls and other 'big' vessels and the other has my "geek" stuff like the printer and scanner. The three drawers just fwd of the nav station, which I think were originally Amel's plan for dishes, are full of camera gear, extra aa, c and d cell batteries, some first aid supplies (not a full kit) and miscellaneous office supplies from sticky notes to playing cards. I'm sure everybody comes into their own plan; I know ours has evolved quite a bit as we figured out what got used most.

Nevertheless, there are still the times when my 6'2" comes in handy to reach the bottom of that deep locker for cleaning or retrieving he errant can of beets :)

Gary W.
s/v Adagio SM209

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