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It is really odd someone would think that installation made sense.


If you turn the unit around, you should find the fan cover rotates allowing  the air duct to point either way. It will pretty easy to re-connect the air duct without a lot of re-plumbing. Because the exhaust from the fan rotates, I don’t think they made left or right versions of the units.



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Well, here's a question I just need to bounce around.  I need to see if the aft air conditioner on my SM is mounted correctly, or was installed "backwards".  I talked to Bill R. about it, and I am pretty sure I have exactly the right answer, but unfortunately that answer comes with no solution.


I have the aft air conditioner out and sitting in the head.  The way it was installed put the air input/cooling fins outboard, kind of against the hull and it is impossible to clean them without detaching the whole unit and sliding it out for access (meaning pulling out the head). 


Looking over the situation, it would be pretty easy to re-plumb it and reverse the orientation so that the cooling fins were facing inboard into the head. ~but~ , the exhaust elbow for the blower fan does not appear to be in any way movable as far as I can see.  Makes me wonder if there were right-hand/left-hand versions of the eh-9 compact, or if others might have a similar orientation with their units.


I'm not sure I want to 'solve' the problem if it's normal.


Could someone else with a hull number close (we are 209) take a quick look see and let me know how your unit is oriented? 




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