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Stephen Davis

Patrick, I have looked at the photo section, and your technique, seems the most simple of the 2 different methods I’ve seen this done with an older SM. We are definitely going to do the job with your method, but not until we get the steering fixed. Any dimensions or template for the quadrant extension would save me a lot of time and energy trying to re-invent the wheel. Since I have the steering apart now, I may start to do some of the legwork in the near future. Whenever you have to time, I’d greatly appreciate it if you can send me what you have. 


Steve Davis
S/V Aloha

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Steve, Rather than fabricating a new quadrant , which would have been necessary had we attempted to replicate Amels original installation , I only had to fabricate an extension arm and weld it to the existing quadrant .  The design and installation on my boat went very smoothly , easy to do and has proven to work well for thousands of miles . After looking at your options ,if you chose to do an installation such as I did , I will be glad to supply you with more pictures and measurements , perhaps even a template of the extension arm. Have you looked at the photo section , I just did and there is a couple of pics that shows clearly what I did . Let me know if you go this route, and I will help in any way I can. 

Good Luck,
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 Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your response regarding our steering. We have it on our very long list while in Hawaii this year to add a linear drive. Do you have any specs on how you modified the quadrant on the drive attachment side?  Any info you have on this would be a big help in figuring out how to make the modification.

If you want to email me directly, try flyboyscd at gmail dot com.


Aloha SM 72

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