Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Steering Failure on 1992 SM72 "Aloha"


It is very possible that you will need to reverse polarity if the physical alignment is reversed. Think about it and you'll understand that the course computer controlls right and left rudder by reversing polarity. 


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maybe a stupid question from a SN owner: when adding a linear drive  --  the rotary steering system stays exactly the same, no changes, is that right? No need to disconnect the cables when switching to the linear drive?  When I try to move the rudder by hand (on the hard, when applying antifouling...) this is not easy and needs some power, when I turn the wheel it is very easy, so I thought there might be also some wear on the steering system when the rudder is moved by the linear drive and the cables and chain and wheel will turn also...  that was the reason for me not to plan a linear drive installation but to carry second course computer and rotary drive engine as spares...

thx, herbert, KALI MERA, SN 120, Shelter Bay

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