Bow Thruster On/Off Switch Replacement

Duane Siegfri

I replaced the Bow Thruster On/Off switch and thought others might want to know what part will work.  

The old one was marked "APEM1, M4, 6-631H".  I could not find a direct replacement from APEM.

The replacement I used is from Blue Seas "Weather Deck Panel Switch #4150, Off-On, SPST" with a Blue Seas #4138 Waterproof Boot.  By the way, the waterproof boot will fit the old switches if you need replacements.

The old one was intermittently not making contact, I suspected corrosion.  This would be a good inexpensive spare to have on hand, and I believe Amel used it for other devices onboard as well, for example, the Bow Thruster cut-out switch.


Wanderer, SM#477

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