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smiles bernard

Thanks Bill

Of course! I’m feeling rather stupid now but thanks for explaining it so patiently. 

I sent this after a long trip and I think I was brain fuddled. 

I’ll stick with that excuse for now anyhow ;)

We just arrived in Tenerife for the start of a 12 month (or longer perhaps) family adventure. 

Packing up house and home and school and jobs and shipping 12 months of family ‘stuff’ as hold baggage was epic. Phew. Glad that’s behind us. 

Hoping to launch fri/Monday and relax into things.  

Very much hope to meet a few of this parish in person whilst en route this year. 

Santa Cruz currently. Heading to lanzarotte as soon as we are ready and there is any hint of the wind heading less easterly. Not even sure if that happens round here at this time of year but we will see. 

All the very best

Sea Love 
Maramu 162

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If your concern is the water quality out of the RO unit, rest assured you will not have a problem.  Copper water pipes are the preferred type for potable water everywhere.  Also, copper is a very large molecule, and would be very efficiently removed by your RO membranes.

I don’t know about you Maramu, but on our SM most out the interior fresh water plumbing is copper.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie 
Annapolis, MD, USA

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Hi there

Wondering on views to antifouling of through hulls that are used for drinking via reverse osmosis ?

We have just copper-bottomed including a new thru hull for a new RO unit on our older maramu

I believe most owners on the forum have SM Sea chest arrangements

All the best

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