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Courtney Gorman

Bill thanks for the concern but I am staying in Grenada during hurricane season looking to move north in November.
Hope all is well 
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I like the Virgins and Nanny Cay a lot, like the others, but anywhere in the VI will be a potential loss in another hurricane like IRMA. Trinidad is the safest place, with the ABC's being 2nd.

I found some of the videos of Nanny Cay after IRMA, the last major hurricane. I believe 90% of the boats at Nanny Cay were knocked down and/or dismasted...most were totaled and the "wars" have started with insurance companies. I have a close friend whose boat was knocked down, holed, and dismasted during IRMA at Nanny Cay. He is still paying the monthly yard storage rate even though his boat has been deemed totaled by the insurance company. He also had to pay the charges to have it lifted and moved to another area at Nanny Cay. He is in the process of trying to collect/settle with his insurance company.


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Hi all

This winter we would like to base Trippin in the Virgin Islands.  As I still work it's 2 weeks on and 2 weeks of December thru May and I'm looking for a safe economical option to keep Trippin
Courtney Gorman
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