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Hi Carsten
We have a Super Maramu in the south of Sweden if you want to have a
look. But OK it isn't a Sharki or a Maramu. I also know that there is
a Super Maramu in Heiligenhafen, unfortunately I don't know the name
of the boat.

I can also recommend you to contact Michel Charpentier, the things he
doesn't know about Amel isn't worth knowing, and he speaks english.

Good luck
S/Y Lady Annila

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Wenn Sie eine sehr guten brooker suchen Ich kann ihnen Hern MICHEL
CHARPENTIER in FREJUS / France ratten,

Für die anderen Fragen kann ich Ihnen nicht antworten (habe ein
Maramu) , bite rufen Sie Michel Charpentier,

Für fragen über AMEL Sie können mich direct anrüfen 0033476898320


c_fruendt a écrit :

hello all Amel owners, i am Carsten from Hamburg / Germany and i
planning to go for a Amel within the next 2 years. I am
considering a
Sharki or Maramu for longterm liveabaord and maybe
MY budget will be arround 100-120 k euro and it looks like that it
should be possible to find a decent boat for such amount. I am
still considering a Hallberg Rassy 38 which is quite roomy but i
not like such high center cockpit, teakdeck etc. In germany you
not find a lot Amel so a comparison is difficult for me. I will
travel to the Med in october to see some Amel and to visit a
first time.

In case here a any german owner i would like to get in contact.

On question i could not answer with any documentation in the net
the leaflets i receive from Amel already: How much space is in the
cockpit of a sharki or maramu, can I sleep on one bank ? I am 1.8
high. Sometime on photos the cockpit looks quite small but deep
i like because i sailed many year a nordic folkboat.

I would appreciate if you can let me know if there are any Amel
specific points i should check prior to a purchase. The normal
technical points like blister , engine etc i know quite well

I learnt that the headroom in the master room in a Sharki is quite
low so i was receommend only to look out for a Amramu... true ?

The only other negative point i heard is the smelly gray water
in the keel, but it looks like one can change it to a closed tank
maybe ....

Regards from Hamburg carsten

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