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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Steve;

Glad you figured out your issue and it was a simple solution.

Olivier did  recommended not to use both chargers together when he did our survey. I know some do use both together, but we do not. We do have have a 100 A and a 40 A and we find the 100A sufficient for charging. My recommendation would be to select the biggest charger that your generator can handle. Use this for when you are on the generator and the smaller one when plugged in. With 400A 24V bank you could use 60-80A charger,if your generator and wiring allows.

The temperature sensors for the battery bank is a great safety item and also a worth while investment to maximize the life of your batteries. We see fluctuations of up to 0.4V during the different charging cycles depending on the battery compartment temperature.

As far as audible alarms check out Borel manufacturing.


Mohammad And Aty
AMEL 54 #099

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Thank you Amelians!
I believe that the problem was that the monitor lost its programming of max capacity. 

What I did: 
1. Batteries have been on charger for days so I assumed that they were fully charged as charger is in float.
2. Turn off charger
3. Turn of house batteries (big red handles)
4. Take picture of battery voltage on monitor -- 27..08 volts
3. Program the Magnetronic DCC4000 Battery Monitor to set capacity to 100% and total Ah to 400
4. Leave batteries to see how fast the voltage drops (remember, batteries are disconnected so there is no drain on them)
5. 2 hours later, check battery voltage - exactly the same 27.08
6. Open battery case and measure voltage on each battery. All were (almost) exactly the same - 13.52
7. Measured the voltage of each battery set -- nearly exactly the same -- 27.02 (slightly different than the battery monitor, but okay.
8. Check the charging profile of my Sterling 30A battery charger - AGM, charge=28.6, float=26.6

Now I guess buying AGMs put me in a spot to need a new alternator voltage regulator. Looking at the Sterling Alternator Regulator Damn, they're proud of that unit at 221 pounds! 

Also, I think that the 30A Sterling charger is too small. I have another 30A charger that I'm going to look into putting on line. That would be 60A charging and redundancy.

Lastly, want to find out if I can use the sterling regulator as my solar panel regulator (they aren't installed yet). Probably better than the cheapy regulator that I bought with the panel and could give nice uniform monitoring capability.

No wait, lastly. I want to hook up temperature sensors to my battery and alternator. Does everyone else use these? One thing I'm really big on is getting more audible alarms on the boat. I want to build an alarm system that I can connect various inputs into. Anyone know of a good system?

Steve Bode
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You should also disconnect the batteries (just one terminal) and test them individually..assuming they are 12V, if any battery shows substantially less than 12.8V then that could be the cause of your issue.

Why has it happened?
Could be just a bad battery, or it could be, if you have the standard alternator without a 3 step regulator, many long periods of motoring will eventually kill your batteries.
Elyse SM437

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