Battery Equalization

rbenven44 <no_reply@...>

Hi to all,
Since we've raised the subject of batteries, I would like to share
my experiences with equalization, which I have found very useful in
extending the life of the Delphi/Delco Freedom batteries installed on
board Super Maramus.
Equalization is a high-voltage charge applied to fully charged
batteries (at low amperage), which serves to remove sulphation from
the plates, stir up the electrolyte, and "rejuvenate" the batteries.
There is a lot written about this in the literature, I don't need to
repeat it here.
I have a Heart Interface Inverter/charger on board, 220V/24V,
rated at 2500W, which also has a 60Amp charger. I use this to apply
an equalization charge to all 8 batteries at once, about once a
season. The equalization session is programmed by the charger. It
lasts about 8 hours, and runs at about 29 volts. Everything must be
disconnected from the batteries downstream. I find it restores the
performance of the batteries remarkably.
Any questions, please e-mail me.
Regards, Roy

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