Re: Stove won't stay lit

Craig Briggs

Hi Ryan and Kelly,
It's hard to see from the picture, which I magnified, but it looks like there is a gap in the ring of flame holes right across from the tip of the thermocouple. If that's the case,  can you see one of the flame cones actually touching the thermocouple when it's on?  If there is a gap, maybe you can just rotate then ring, which may have come loose and rotated a bit, causing the problem.  Just a guess. (On mine the holes are continuous all around - no gap.)
Cheers, Craig, SN68 Sangaris, Brunswick, GA

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Hi all,

The right (larger) burner on my stove has been getting more and more
difficult to keep lit, and the last few days it has been impossible.  I
think there is something wrong with the flame-out detection.  It lights
fine, but within a few seconds of me letting go of the knob it goes out, no
matter how long I hold it to pre-heat.  The left burner and the oven work
fine.  I can't find any identifying info on the stove that would allow me
to search for further info, like instructions on adjusting it or
replacement parts.  Can any of you identify it from the attached photos?
Do you have a recommendation on how to fix this problem?

Ryan and Kelly
SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA

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