Re: ZF25 Transmission Failure


Hi Danny,
On my ZF25 I usually check the fluid level before each departure.  Each time I do this (over the last 5 years) there is just a bit of air pressure which is released when I rotate the dip stick and break the seal of its o ring.  This slight pressure is surprising to me as i know there is a vent on top of the ZF 25 case which rattles freely.  Do other owners experience this?

Also, my manual instructs me to change the oil by suctioning it out of the filter hole.  I do know that there is a large drain nut on the bottom of the unit and wonder if other owners use that to drain fluid?

Danny, great advice on "attitude, the difference between ordeal and adventure" (although a bit difficult to accept when one is in the middle of an urgent "project").  I think about your adventure carving down truck suspension bushings in Tonga? Fiji? to replace your Vetus coupling rubber inserts--it helped me through the ordeal of replaing mine at the dock in Preveza (the parts were available to me however)!
Bob, SM 429 Elba

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