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Steve Leeds

Hello Carsten,
I have owned a Sharki since 1990 and we have lived aboard and circumnavigated
on this yacht for 14 years. I also have experience with the Maramu,
having just sailed one from Fort Lauderdale to New York, about 1000 nautical
miles, a few weeks ago. The boats are very similar but the larger Maramu
is obviously faster and dryer. The Maramu also has a second head in the
aft cabin which is nice if you sail with a larger crew, although it takes up a
lot of room if you don't. It is also possible to sleep in the cockpit on
a Sharki. In the Sharki, the forward head/shower, anchor and forward deck
lockers and galley sink drain into the main bilge. We have installed a
small "sump box" to collect all this grey water and pump it out
directly before entering the bilge. We also have a large kitchen strainer
across the top of the sump box to collect all the hair and food particles
before they enter the sump. The strainer and sump box are easily removed
for cleaning as necessary, keeping the bilge clean.

We have also modified our aft (main) cabin by extending the bed the whole width
of the boat making it almost king size. This allows us to sleep with our
head in almost any direction, a good feature in rough seas. The bed takes
up virtually the whole aft cabin on the Sharki, so headroom is not really an
issue for me, although I can stand up in there. There is not enough
headroom in the passageway aft for me to stand up straight (although my wife
can). There is more headroom in the passageway and aft cabin in the
Maramu. Due to installed air conditioning, freezers, and holding tank (in
the forward head) on the Maramu, there seemed to be less storage space,
especially in the main saloon.

One common problem in boats of this vintage is the foam in the headliner
failing from tropical heat. It is not complicated to repair, but is very
time consuming and dirty. By this time, most will have been repaired --
some better than others!

Both the Sharki and Maramu are great cruising boats, safe, easy to sail and maintain
and good passage makers. The decision is probably a matter of cost.

Steve Leeds
Sharki #121
Circumnavigator's Yacht Service
Fort Lauderdale

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hello all Amel
owners, i am Carsten from Hamburg / Germany and i am
planning to go for a Amel within the next 2 years. I am considering a
Sharki or Maramu for longterm liveabaord and maybe circumnavigation.
MY budget will be arround 100-120 k euro and it looks like that it
should be possible to find a decent boat for such amount. I am also
still considering a Hallberg Rassy 38 which is quite roomy but i do
not like such high center cockpit, teakdeck etc. In germany you will
not find a lot Amel so a comparison is difficult for me. I will
travel to the Med in october to see some Amel and to visit a Maramu
first time.

In case here a any german owner i would like to get in contact.

On question i could not answer with any documentation in the net or
the leaflets i receive from Amel already: How much space is in the
cockpit of a sharki or maramu, can I sleep on one bank ? I am 1.8 m
high. Sometime on photos the cockpit looks quite small but deep which
i like because i sailed many year a nordic folkboat.

I would appreciate if you can let me know if there are any Amel
specific points i should check prior to a purchase. The normal
technical points like blister , engine etc i know quite well already.

I learnt that the headroom in the master room in a Sharki is quite
low so i was receommend only to look out for a Amramu... true ?

The only other negative point i heard is the smelly gray water sump
in the keel, but it looks like one can change it to a closed tank
maybe ....

Regards from Hamburg carsten

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