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Thanks Lynda and Judy, you have given me a lot of new ideas. You have
really put me in a inspired mode to re-organize again :)

S/Y Lady Annila

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What works for me might not be at all to your liking, but I am happy
to explain what works for us.

A couple of cups (mugs) are kept on the top narrow shelf on the wall
to the left of the sink; a couple of frequently used drinking
are also stored there. Also bottles of cooking oils, cooking wines,
soy sauce, etc. -- as many as will fit snugly. The very narrow
shelf on the left of the sink contains aspirin, vitamins, and very
small various items. Spices, the coffee press and a small grater
on the 2 narrow shelves to the right of the sink.

The rest of the cups, saucers, cereal and soup bowls and all plates
are stored in the top and middle drawer in the cupboard on the right
side of the settee. Those drawers are amazingly long. I have 3
sets of dishes in those 2 drawers, two sets are service for 4 and
set is service for 6. The bottom drawer holds a few medium and
serving dishes as well as stacked mixing bowls with lids. I fold a
few napkins and place to fill empty space to prevent any annoying
movement sounds. I also fold 2 placemats in half and place on top
everything. These are used by the 2 of us daily. Additional
placemats and napkins are stored in the cabinet at the other end of
the settee.

The 2 large drawers beneath the settee hold salad spinner, 2 larger
collanders (to drain pasta), a very large crab/lobster pot and a
pot for cooking pasta, as well as many other large Tupperware items,
porcelain ramekins of various sizes, nested Pyrex baking pans,
numerous stainless steel bowls nested into one very large chef's
stainless bowl, etc. These 2 drawers hold all sorts of large galley
items. Large, seldom used, cooking utensils and the grill tongs and
spatulas are also stored in one of those drawers. Also the rolling
pin and rolled Tupperware pastry sheet and extra acrylic cutting
sheets (a USA item).

Plastic beverage containers, extra ice trays, extra non-breakable
glasses and rolled placemats and folded napkins are stored in in the
cabinet on the left side of the settee.

Pots, pans, baking pans of all sorts and cookie sheets are stored in
the normal lower cabinet to the right of the stove. I really like
way this cabinet has such thick layers of foam to prevent annoying
movement noises. Cutlery drawers obviously contain cutlery.

The crystal drinking glass storage cabinet to the right of the pots
pans cabinet contains those wonderful Amel crystal highball glasses
well as a few other items. On the first row in that cabinet I
store a
plastic measuring cup, plus a plastic funnel inside the top of one
the highball glasses because these 2 items are used so often. On
bottom shelf I invert a couple of larger plastic measuring cups over
the tops of a couple of the tall glasses. We use acrylic wine
for everyday use. The 2 large circles in the front of the bottom
shelf of this cabinet hold 3 wine glasses each. Several kitchen
towels are folded and placed on top of everything on the bottom

The upper cabinet to the left of the stove holds 2 large knife
on the bottom shelf, plus coffee, tea and cocoa and the sealed mugs
that we use while underway. The top shelf contains Tupperware
canisters of flour, sugar, baking mix, corn meal and things of that
nature. These canisters stack and do not shift underway. Also
contains Tupperware containers of biscuits or crackers and granola
bars. Keeping the good knives inside the wooden knife blocks and
inside the lined cabinet helps keep them sharp.

Upper cabinet to the right of the stove holds Tupperware containers
breakfast cereal, oats, etc., as well as large containers of most-
spices -- all on the top shelf. The bottom shelf contains zillions
Ziplock bags of all sizes and empty large Tupperware-type containers
used for marinating meats and general cooking and storage. Whisks
stood on end along one side of the cabinet and held in place by all
the plastic stuff. Vacuum-sealed various spice mixes and
mixes are also stored in this bottom area.

The cabinet pantry beneath the counter stores more spices and
chocolate baking items, etc. We do not use this area for storage of
canned products as the cans rust too quickly there.

The dishwasher is used to store eggs when on long passages, makes it
easy to turn the cartons when underway; and we don't normally use
dishwasher anyway.

Cutting boards are placed on both sides of the microwave, being
careful to store them is such a manner that they are easy to remove
yet do not make annoying movement noises.

The pressure cooker and the mixer are stored in right-hand upper
cabinet over settee. All other cabinets above the settee are used
food storage, canned and otherwise. When provisioning for extremely
long period (like 6 months or greater), I also utilize some of the
upper cabinets on the port side, but normally we use those cabinets
for small spares storages. The cubby-hole on the port side stores
cookbooks. The cubby-hole on the starboard side stores the
vacuum-sealer machine and any opened bags or containers of potato

My large peppermill and a small box of favorite recipes are stored
the narrow shelf above the stove beneath the side port. These are
covered with a kitchen towel to prevent moisture should rain come
inside that port.

One last thing -- behind the dining table seating area on the left
side near the air-conditioner control is a small hidey-hole storage
spot. I store a couple of folded tablecloths there. Also store a
egg cartons to use when shopping in areas where eggs are not

Probably have forgotten to mention many things, but hope that gives
you some ideas on how to arrange to your liking.

S/V BeBe
Amel SM2 #387
Currently in Tonga

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We bought our SuperMaramu (no 232) in 2006 and since then I have
around all kitchen gear several times and I am still not happy
with it.
Now I have ran out of ideas. So my question is:

How have you organized your kitchen gear (plates, cups, glases,
for preparation etc etc) together with pantry things?

The space for such things that you want to have close to ease up
kitchen work isn't exactly spacious.

S/Y Lady Annila

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