Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Masse Light and March Pump


Bill Rouse,

We agree that Marco makes a great lineup of pumps....  but....

Are you serious? A 12GPM pump?   Really?  That seems like ridiculous overkill—to me.  I mean, think about it... that’s pumping water faster out of the tanks than the bilge pump can remove it from the sump! Even with a "20% discount" that’s paying a huge amount of extra money for a lot of pump capacity that will never be used.  Normal flow from a household tap is between 1 and 2 gpm.  How do you come up with a recommendation for a 12GPM pump?  That would supply full flow from every tap on the boat wide open, with capacity to spare!

On Harmonie we have two UPE2/E pumps (rated at 2.6gpm) installed in parallel so we have an installed backup.  I have never felt like we lacked for water flow and even with two taps wide open we have never had both pumps running.  I think the UPE3/E is a great pump for a boat the size of a Super Maramu.  It is the same style, provides excellent water pressure and flow, and is nearly $1000 cheaper than your recommendations. I just can’t understand why a 12, or even a 7 gallon per minute pump would be a useful addition.  But there is lots I don’t understand. 

On my boat, I would need to upgrade the circuit breaker and wiring to comply with the recommendations in the Marco manual, even for the UPE12.  I am guessing the newer boats have 20 amp breakers and 10 awg wire instead of the smaller supply circuit my boat has?

I know I come from a different place than some people, because I am very conservative with water from the tanks when we are cruising.  I don’t want to power wash my decks with water from my tanks, for example. I also selected the smaller Marco pump specifically because it had lower water pressure.  But for rinsing the boat, and rinsing the bodies on board, our pump selection works well, and is definitely more than “OK” for us.  

And a reminder... this is still supposed to be a non-commercial forum. You're pushing that—more than a little.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie 
Annapolis, MD, USA

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