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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

That's great. Hope the install goes well



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You’re right. I was never going to go for a recondition. This transmission has been going around for 750 hours being a litre short of fluid.

It’s amazing it has lasted this long, I suspect the original owner did not exceed 2000rpm in his 430 hours of use. I crank up the RPM Intermittently to help clear the carbon and also to stress test the drive train. This may have accelerated the failure, although I was not going hard when it failed.

Ruedi asked about the pressure failure. I think one factor was low fluid level (only 2L), and possibly a suction leak through the oil filter seals, although I have not been able to verify that theory. I’m almost positive the overheat came from the shaft brake closure, due to lowering pressure - then everything compounds as the brake resists more etc.

Anyhow, after great assistance from Porter McRoberts, yesterday I ordered a new transmission from in Florida. Its coming by Fedex next week and will be fitted the week after.

Cheers all



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