Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Masse Light and March Pump

Alan Leslie


We have a UP14 Marco pump and it is fantastic....I do power wash the dodger windows and the dodger and other things ..I use the cockpit hoe to rinse pand, dishes and the espreeso machine basket, so all that stuff doesn't end up in the sump. I run the water maker nearly everyday and try to keep the tank 800 litres minimum...I LIKE plenty of water....the tank being full is extra ballast low down...the boat sails better with a full tank...running the watermaker every day is good for it ...why not use the water we make ?
The UP 14 pump means that two people can shower at the same time as well as the washing machine going and hosing the deck and everyone has flow and pressure.
The wire sizing in our boat is adequate for the current (4mm2 is the spec, ours is 6)...max current at 24V is 16A...but I have actually never seen that,
And the UP14 pump wasn't $1000 more than the 3.....I bought mine from SVB in Germany...before BRs 20% discount.
I think Marco pumps are the best available for this application....much better than the antiquated original system.
BUT I agree with you that we shouldn't be using this forum for commercial with the intention of gaining personal financial benefit.
Thanks always for your intelligent experienced input.
Elyse SM437
Blue Lagoon, Fiji

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