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Bill K,

That is the reason I gave 3 choices with:


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I use two Marco UP2/E pumps in parallel to have an installed spare.  I have never seen us draw enough water to run both pumps together. They do run at a slightly lower set pressure than all the bigger Marco gear pumps.

They supply all the water we need.  A UP3/E would, in my opinion, be a fine pump for a Super Maramu.  A 12 gallon per minute pump seems like almost ridiculous overkill to me...even with a 20% discount off list price. But then, I don’t power wash my decks from my tanks...

And, none of them are mag drive pumps. All direct drive with lip seal on the shaft.  

I have no doubt that a UP12/E works, but how much water do you really use in a minute? Is it worth paying that much for a pump who's capacity is WAY more than you’ll ever use?  That’s more water than the bilge pump can pump out of the sump! 

I do come from the perspective of generally being very frugal with water from the tank, so other people might have a different outlook.  

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