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Ryan Meador

Thank you, Bill!  That was a wealth of knowledge.  I've attached photos of the control panel and membrane tubes -- I interpret that as white caps?  Also I see what I believe is the water quality sensor.

Ryan and Kelly
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That looks like the same one we have onboard Harmonie, although I’d need to see the control panel to be sure. It is different than newer models in functionality.  For example, it has a real functioning conductivity sensor that drives the reject valve, not just a timer.  I believe the exact model was special for Amel, although mostly with standard Dessalator parts.  It is a 24V only model.  A big benefit as far as I am concerned.  The dual voltage units add huge complexity and problems for very minor functionality additions.

I have manuals for it, mostly in French, but some of the key pages are in English.

You can find manuals for the pump online, it is a standard high pressure pump made by Cat.  Model number should be on the pump, let me know if you have trouble with it.

As a minimum, turn the pump by hand before powering on to be sure things move.  After that long sitting, it is quite possible the check valves are stuck.  As you say, the membranes are certainly hosed. When you pull them out, do spend the money with Dessalator to get the new style end caps for the pressure vessels.  The plastic they made the originals out of did not last.  You know you need to change them if they are white.  The new ones are black.

They are not very complex machines.  If the circuit board works, and the high pressure pump is functional, the rest is pretty easy.  The conductivity sensor is likely to be an issue on one that old without maintenance.  If yours does have one of these, I can help you locate it and sort out how it works.

Bill Kinney
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Hi all,

I'm unsure of which model Dessalator is installed on my boat.  I've attached a photo.  The info on the label on the motor reads:

No 830042
Type MBT1141L

It appears this is a 24V-only unit.  Is this typical?  I haven't had luck searching the mailing list archives for more info. I think there is something wrong with Yahoo right now.  Can anyone identify this model?

This unit has 13 hours on it.  That is not a typo.  The previous owner said he used it a couple times when he first got the boat and then never again.  I do not know if it was pickled at that time, nor if it has been flushed in the interim.  Can anyone offer advice on what I should do before I try turning it on?  I know I'll need to replace the membranes before I use it, but I just want to see if everything else works or if it needs a more serious overhaul.

Ryan and Kelly
SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA

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