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Ryan Meador

Thanks for doing the legwork on this.  I'd be interested in a few of option 3, as I want to match the originals as closely as possible.  I just had one break on me a few days ago!  First one to go, and it was just the spring.  Until now, I was only looking for spares.

I'm still investigating printing these in metal.  I need to CAD the parts before I can get an estimate, and I've been trying to work on one project at a time (3D printing new "winches" for the genoa car controls in stainless steel; the original plastic ones cracked).

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I finally got all my questions answered by the 3D printer in Annapolis. I sent pics and a sketch with dimensions, if we go ahead with this I will send him a pull from Kristy for him to copy exactly. There are only three affordable options. Here’s the bottom line:

1) ABS plastic in White, Black, or Silver (not shiny). This material isn’t mirror smooth. For an order of 100, design cost is $150 + $550=$700.00/100=$7.00 each
2). Chrome after light sanding-will give a shiny chrome surface, but not mirror smooth-add $1200 =$1900.00/100=$19.00 each

3) Dense tough resin which can be printed with mirror-smooth finish and chromed to look like original, $3600/100=$36.00 each

If anyone wants pics of the ABS material, contact me privately and I’ll send them to you.

I think any would be very functional and look fine. For $7 each, you could redo all in one cabin with the black or silver and save the rest as spares for the other cabins.

I think we will have to agree on which ones we want to order, I’ve asked if we could split the ABS order to include some silver and some gray, but don’t have an answer yet. I will ask if the design time is the same if only a few want the option 3, and get a quote per piece for the printing.

Anyone interested, please contact me at
karkauai “at” yahoo “dot” com

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