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Dean and other Marco Pump users:

The best of the best of Marco single pumps is the UP 14 E. Marco makes a unit which combine 2 of these pumps. It is the UP14 / E-DX 24V double autoclave with electronic control + PCS 92 l / min. You can run both pumps for extra flow or only one pump. The pump switching is electronic. This is more pump than you will ever need, but if you want builtin redundancy and convenience when something goes south, maybe you should consider this one. BTW, Amel School Clients get a 20% discount on all Marco Pumps.

Just a word about Marco. When looking at their website, create an account and login. When you are logged-in, on each pump webpage, you will see additional tabs which include spare parts, service manuals and even some videos for repair and service. When you select your pump, be sure to order the appropriate spare parts which in most cases should include the PTFE gears. The PTFE gears are the heart of the pump. I am told that even though not all Marco Pumps are listed at the US site, you can buy any Marco pump in the US from

I am really excited about Marco Pumps and hope that the apparent longlife and ease of service built into these pumps will prove to be what I believe it will be.

Good luck.


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Bill K,
I am interested in installing something like you have, but using two parallel UP3/E pumps for redundancy.
Would you be able to share a bit more about your configuration?
For example, are both pumps powered all the time, or do you power one at a time?
Did you instal a changeover valve in the pipework, or just plumb them in parallel?
If you have them both powered and both plumbed, how do they interact with each other when you open a tap, two taps etc?

I like the idea of having a redundant system, and also the capacity to produce 20+ l/min at 2 bar, which I think it would give me.

Many thanks
SY Stella
AMEL 54 #154

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