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There is a set-up mode which permanently changes values. If you are using the set-up mode from your manual, the settings should permanently change. I would use 29 as an alarm. I admit the Xantrex manual is the worse written manual that I have ever attempted to use. You will need much patience! If the high voltage is wrong, maybe some of the other settings are also wrong.

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Hi all


My xantrex Battery Monitor is coming up with a high Voltage alarm regularly. 


In the settings under position F08 I can set the "over voltage alarm" level. Default in the manual say its 16V.

This is for 12V systems. Range can be defined between 10.0 and 35.0V. 

For standard lead acid batterie, I guess an "over voltage setting" for the 24V system over 28.5 is normal. 


I can set the voltage level to 29 or 30V or whatsoever, but after some hours the settings are back to 28.5 and this will release the alarm. I have on Engine the 24V Mastwervolt regulator and Solar panels with a 24V Victron MPPT charge controller. Everything works fine. Batteries nearly all the time full and Voltage over 28.5V.

Anyone has the same observations or any clue how to correct or learn Xantrex to have high voltage over 30V?

Thanks for advice 


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