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A word of very serious caution. If the galvanized engine frame is very rusty, chances are that the engine room was at one time flooded to a level over them. This will have a cascade of events that you may not want to deal with.

In my experience "Cosmetic Clues" are very important to investigate, and in my experience few surveyors get to the bottom of this, rather they suggest painting.


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Hello all

I am about to become the proud owner of a SM2k and one of the first jobs to tackle are the engine tray mounts which are badly rusted and causing misalignment which in turns is causing vibration.

Has anyone been through this before? Any guidance greatly appreciated as well as where to source new mounts.. 

The realignment before and after the replacement seems complicated also, so feedback greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all, this site is such a great resource!! Looking forward to contributing!


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