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I do not know the answer, but the original lines were as follows (translated from French, origin: Amel):
(Fore Guy) After blue: diameter 14mm, length 17 m to 11 m mark Tempest
(Aft Guy) Red tip: diameter 14mm, length 9.5 m to 7.35 m mark Tempest
(Down Guy) Yellow tip: diameter 14mm, length 6 m to 4.11 m mark Tempest
(Up Guy) Tan white top: diameter 10mm, length 16m Polyester mark to 12.75 m

The above mentions "Tempest" which I believe refers to a brand of polyester line which may be impossible to find. The above also tells you where to mark the lines.

I hope this helps.


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Well .. I made a big and expensive mistake when looking for some lengths of line last week.  I couldn't back out of it because even though I said "StaySet" I touched "Dyneema" and that's what they cut for me. 

I think I know the answer already, but does anyone have an opinion (well .. I know that answer too :) ) on whether safety would be compromised if the Amel Poles were rigged with a non-stretching line?  I'm debating it as it seems the Poles would need some wiggle room to shift stresses, but conversely the sails themselves do a lot of shock absorption.

At any rate, I'm considering rigging the poles with 8mm Dyneema since I have a lot of it now (and it's in pretty colors) and since the original braided lines are getting pretty old.  Thoughts?

Gary W.
SM #209, "Adagio"

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