Re: Amel Pole Rigging Lines

Craig Briggs

Hi Gary,
Imho the boat won't know the difference as the sails and sheets take up any shock load. You don't say which Dyneema you got, but the range of stretch in the various "flavors" actually overlaps with some of the StaSet products. I don't see any problem and pretty is good :-)
Craig, SN68

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Well .. I made a big and expensive mistake when looking for some lengths of line last week.  I couldn't back out of it because even though I said "StaySet" I touched "Dyneema" and that's what they cut for me. 

I think I know the answer already, but does anyone have an opinion (well .. I know that answer too :) ) on whether safety would be compromised if the Amel Poles were rigged with a non-stretching line?  I'm debating it as it seems the Poles would need some wiggle room to shift stresses, but conversely the sails themselves do a lot of shock absorption.

At any rate, I'm considering rigging the poles with 8mm Dyneema since I have a lot of it now (and it's in pretty colors) and since the original braided lines are getting pretty old.  Thoughts?

Gary W.
SM #209, "Adagio"

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