Re: Amel Pole Rigging Lines


Hi Gary,

Steve is correct.  Amel used stretchy lines for good reason.  You don’t want a non-stretch line, especially for the fore-guy line.  The original lines are very stretchy.   The forward (blue) line goes from the pole around a block at the bow and back to the cleat in front of the windshield.   If (when) you are rolling down wind and a pole dips into the water, or you try to go more than 40 degrees off dead down wind, the long stretchy line will allow the pole to move back without breaking until the angle to the bow attachment become such that the line pulls the pole back against the side on the rub rail instead of out forward, rather like a big rubber band.  When this happened to me, the pole made a great bang against the side of the boat.  I was sure I had broken something, but there was no damage.  I only had to loosen the line and the pole went back to the proper positon.  This was just one more instance where I saw that Amel did everything for a reason.  


Miles  S/Y Ladybug,  sm216, Newport Harbor, RI

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