Victron Centaur 24/60


Hey everyone -

Went out for a beautiful day yesterday. Everything was perfect until I plugged back into the dock and flipped the charger on. About a minute after there was a loud "pop" and a plume of white smoke that came from the engine room. Upon further investigation I found that the charger blew. (See picture in mark up). All is good and again I came to respect the redundancies on this boat even more. Problem temporarily solved by switching on the heart charger located in the aft cabin. (Usually I only use this charger as a supplement with my primary (Victron Centaur 24/60 while on generator power) It looks like a resister blew and the charger is less than 2 years old. Can anyone chime in on a  possible reason beside faulty equipment? Voltages all check out at post and plug end. The boat did a good job protecting itself and popped the breaker.  Just looking for some additional comments. Many thanks. 

Bill Maffei

Its all Good

SM #195

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