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On our UP2/e I tapped into the positive wire going from the controller to the pump.  The light is a bit dim at low flow rates, but works.  Not sure if the UP3/e would be different or not.

The very newest versions of the larger Marco pumps (starting with the UP6/E) have an optional remote control panel for both status indication and switching of the pump.  If you have that system, you can add an additional run indicator LED anywhere you want.  (Panel AND helm?) A very nice addition to already line of nice pumps!

I don't know if these are in the supply chain yet, but they are in the most recent catalog.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like retrofit is a simple matter without replacement of the pressure controller.

Bill Kinney
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You probably know that your OEM pressure switch has 3 wires connected to it. Two of those wires supply 24 positive and negative. The third wire will light the panel LED when positive 24VDC is connected to it. So, you want to connect that third wire to the positive wire going to the pump motor, after the pressure switch.

Some of the MARCO pumps are easier than others to make this connection. Let me know which pump you are installing and I will get you more information.


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Good morning Bill,

Were you able to interface the LED indicator light on the panel to show when the Marco pumps are running.  If so, how did you connect the wiring?  Thanks.

Mark Mueller
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