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That might be the rubber seal that goes on the top of your main furling motor. That is, if you have the 54 vertically mounted main furling motor, which with hull #98, I suspect you have this seal. Early model 54s had a horizontal main furling motor. BTW, when these seals leak, the incoming water will ruin the motor. The rubber seals probably have a life of 2-4 years. That life can be prolonged with a coating of Trident brand Silicone Grease (I don't recommend a substitute for the Trident can find it in dive shops.


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Hi all,

I have some parts left over form the previous owner whcih I cannot identify and am hoping someone may be able to help. I have attached a photo.

Two soft rubbery/foam rings, external diameter 106mm, internal diameter 60mm, thickness 10mm
Two aluminium batons, string attached one end, length approx 360mm, width 15mm, thickness 3mm

Ya Fohi, Amel 54 #98

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