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Mark Erdos



Looking forward to seeing you again.


The mooring situation is really hit and miss. If you arrive early in the day you may have a chance of snagging one. Moorings are full today with two boats in the marina waiting.


Best advice is to plan to hang in the marina for a few days. If you get a buoy, great. If not, you can still enjoy Bonaire until a buoy opens. Morning is the best time to check for open buoys by dink or call other boats on VHF 77. The moorings are first come first serve, no reservations, stay on it for as long as you want (dependent on your visa). If you are docked in the marina and are using your dink to check for a mooring, have something such as a fender or life-jacket to tie to it until you can get the mother-ship over. Alert the neighboring boats that you are claiming it. Else, there is a chance it'll be gone before you get back.


No need for a reservation at the marina. There are plenty of slips open and there is also a long side-tie dock with space. If you arrive at night or on a Sunday, there will not be staff to help. Best to tie at the side-tie pier until business hours. The marina monitors VHF 17. Carlos is the manager and speaks English.


To check in with customs and immigration you can either walk or take the dinghy to their dock. The walk is 25 mins or 2 km from the marina. The building is located here: 12°08'57.6"N 68°16'37.0"W (paste this into google maps) - It is possible to tie the dink at their dock on the south side of the North pier (if no cruise ships are in). You will see two big tugs and a couple of customs boats. Tie next to the customs boats at the area not reserved for customs. There is a guard at the gate and you tell him you are going to the customs office.


Hope you have a great sail here. Cream Puff is in the marina on B dock. We will be here for a couple of months. Look forward to meeting you when you arrive :)


If you have other questions, we're glad to help.



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Hi Paul, I'm at the west side of Puerto Rico, heading to Bonaire next week.

Cheers, Alex

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Hi Paul,

Clipper is the official dealer, but they have very few parts on stock. They asked for 2000 Euros for my new PCB board which I then ordered for a bit over USD 800 from the ONAN dealer in Englewood/FLA. Even with shipping and customs included, it was not half the price of Clipper. Also Clipper said the part would take ca one month to be delivered, I got it within a week from FLA. I had a friend shipping it, not the dealer itself, we declared the value to be USD the Martiniquians have a special tax for parts that come from the U.S......


Hope you are doing well,


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Thanks Bill.

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