Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Lights on the 24volt controllpanel

Alan Leslie

Arthur, is it the 2 red lamps on the 24 V for the bilge pump and the other for the alternator alarm (bottom left side)?...there is also a green for the water pump?
If so, the replacement lamps are available from Maud at Amel....if you send her a photograph of the lamp you want the globe for, she will know which it is.
To get the dead ones out you need a small diameter plastic/silicone tube that you can push on to the lamp globe and then pull it out...the globe has just two straight pins.
The lamps that others have just mentioned are the really small amber and red ones for the nav lights, freezer etc....they can be removed just by pushing in them from the front panel.
dab 5200 means use a very small amount of 5200 sealant to hold the small lamp in place...this only applies to the really small onesĀ 
Trust this helps
Elyse SM437

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