Suggested Marco Pumps


n the middle of our discussion thread, MARCO has discontinued the UP 6 and UP 12 with accumulator tanks. They may still be available in Europe, but are not available in the US.

received the following from Marco today:
"The UP12/A and the UP6/A are now discontinued …we supply only the UP6/E and the UP12/E with no accumulator tanks required. Please update that on your file, as we only keep the UP6/E and UP12/E in stock in Florida.
The updated suggestions are:
BESTUP14/E Electronic water pressure pump 12.2 gpm Part N 16469015
GOOD: UP12/E UP12 / E Autoclave with electronic control 36 l / min Part N 16468113  Price in EU 528.52€
OK: UP6/E UP6 / E Autoclave with electronic control 26 l / min Part N  16462213 Price in EU 402.79€


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