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Mike Ondra

Hello Duane,

Last year we installed the Taco Marine VII-0809 on Aletes after years of nicks in the fiberglass rub rail. I presume your rub rail cross section looks like the attached. The Taco product fit perfectly and was relatively easy to install with the help of YouTube videos. One caveat, there is a small rib on the back of this rubber product that, for our installation, may best to be shaved off to get the rubber to lay flat. See posting #33012.

Mike Ondra

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Thanks Duane, Alex and James for your help

For now I’ll clean and boat wax as James has done and save the kids from dusty white hands and feet as they clamber aboard in interesting ways 

Really nice to see the new rub rail Alex. Looks cracking!


All the best


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I really don't like the Amel rub rail (one of my few complaints), and rubbing on a pile and you've damaged the gel coat.


So, I'm thinking of adding a rubber extrusion to the rub rail.  Mate USA sells a track you would screw into the current rub rail where the white stripe is.  Then you would press on the "Soft Insert".  I ordered a 6.5 foot section of the track (one piece) and a one-foot section of the vinyl insert for a test fit and it's a close thing whether they would fit or not.  Next time I'm somewhere for a month I plan on ordering a longer section of each to install to see how it fits around the curves.


The vinyl rubrail is ordered to length so there are no splices and it also has end sections. The track comes in 6.5foot sections.  If you want to look it up it's Item T130-141-006-2 (Rigid Track) and T130-141-007-W


I've seen several SM's with a stainless bead screwed to the Amel rub rail, but I don't like the look.


Has anyone done something else to protect the gel coated "rub rail"?  


The other way of handling the dings I suppose is to just paint every few years.  The white stripe is just auto detail tape according to the fiberglass guy who did some repair work for us.



Wanderer, SM#477

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