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Patrick McAneny

Graham, I wanted to remove our safe and could not risk the damage and left it in. The key had broken off in it, finally i was able to extract it , glue it together and gently opened the safe. I leave it ajar , because if I lock it and the key breaks ,some big thug someday will not believe that I can't open it, and will beat me to senseless , not a long road. I would feel safer without the safe in full view. I know a thief will not take the time removing it that I would and would not be too concerned about scratching my woodwork , unless of course he was an unusually considerate thief. If you figure how to remove it ,please let me know . I would rather have the storage and hide my stuff in one of the thousands of places on the boat.

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The lock on the safe of my 1995 SM no 140 has jammed, fortunately whilst open. My plan was just to take the whole thing out and buy a new one. However, on looking at the hole through which the box needs to be retrieved, it would appear to be some what smaller than the safe itself.

Before I waste a lot of time has any one got any practical experience of removing a safe from the rear heads on a Super Maramu, and any practical remove the front panel to all the shelving?

I await any comments,

Hong Kong

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