espar heater


I am writing the group to ask for advice regarding installation of an Espar diesel heater which I plan to install on my Amel Super Maramu, hull #347.  I have acquired the various components, along with a D5 24V Diesel Espar heater.  

Though the heater comes with an installation kit including insulated exhaust tubing and hull fitting, I note that Amel installed heaters have a rigid stainless steel exhaust tube and associated fiberglass exhaust shroud.  

I have inquired of Amel in La Rochelle, and they no longer carry these parts, nor did they have a drawing of the shroud.  

I'd like to as the following of the group:

-Do any of you have tips / advice on installing the heater?
-Any recommendations for installation experts in New England or Annapolis area?
   (I have already reached out to Peter of Helm Yacht on Long Island)
-What was used for the exhaust fittings?
-Did you do the installation yourself? 
-Any other advice on the use or care / maintenance of the heater system?

Thank you so much for your input!

SV Soteria
Amel SM2K, Portsmouth, RI

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