Re: Elongated hole on conical coupling

Craig Briggs

Hi Alan,
100 hours seems way too short. What do the bolts have on them? (Regular nuts, with or without split/lock washers and flat washers, Nylocs, Loctite ?)

My orignal Amel installarion had bolts with a small diameter L shaped rod welded to each bolt head, that went into the adjacent (extra) hole on the Vetus dampner housing and that prevented rotation when tightening the nuts - very handy. It then used flat washers and lock washers on the nut end and a conventional nut (not nylock). They never loosened.

Over the years I've switched to just nylocs and have had no loosening now for the 500 hours since I last pulled the engine, at which time it was still tight from the engine pull before that.

Cheers, Craig SN68

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This would be very useful to know about if / when it happens.
I just tightened all four bolts...they had loosened slightly over the last couple of months, not even 100 hrs of motoring since the last tightening session. 
What do others get in terms of hours ??
Elyse SM437

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