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We have a similar set up.  A Zeus Touch, a 3G radar, and two AP computers; a B&G AP42, and an older Raymarine 6000 as the backup.  We did keep the existing B&G wind sensor because it works.

We did minimal "integration" deliberately trying to keep the backup Raymarine as independent as possible of the NMEA2000 network--just in case. 

I don't think you need a separate 0183/2000 converter.  Your Zeus2 has a NMEA0183 output that echos all the data that the AP needs.  There is a table of supported 0183 output data in the Zeus2 installation manual.  You will want to cross-check that with the data needed by the Raymarine to be sure.

We kept the original Raymarine fluxgate compass, which in on our unit is hard-wired to the AP just to have a backup for that critical piece.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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Hello All,

I am considering upgrading the chartplotter (B&G Zeus2), radar (B&G 4G), DST (Simrad 800) and wind sensor (Maretron WSO 100) on our SM.  The Raymarine autopilot (400G course computer) is working well and I would like to integrate it into the new system.  It seems I should be able to do this fairly easily with a 0183 to 2000 converter but would like to know if anyone has actually done it, and if so, their experience with the setup.

SM 391
South Freeport, Maine

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