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Mark - 
Where did you source your replacement components for the refrigerator (thermostat, condenser, and compressor).  Did you use Coastal Climate Control?  What components did you use specifically (were you able to replace with exactly the same parts?).

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Good job, Mark. 


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We rebuilt our entire unit when last in the USA. We replace the thermostat, condenser and compressor. Like you we wanted to maintain the aesthetics of the wood. We looked at replacement units but rebuilding saved us about $1,000 and wasn’t hard to do. At the time we had the unit out, we also wrapped it with ½” foam board. We used duct tape to secure it to the unit. Since doing all of this, our unit now cools nicely and we can maintain about 38F even in the warmer climates. I’m not sure how much the foam helped but I figured it couldn’t hurt to increase the r-value where we could. The top of the unit is still without foam as we couldn’t get the unit back under the counter top with foam on it. Another thing that helps is to cover the hole in the bottom of the unit. We used tape but I guess a bung would work just as well. Since cold air sinks it seemed to me that it made sense to cover this. Lastly, we put a layer of foam board between the compressor unit under the fridge and the box. The compressor puts out quite a bit of heat and surely had to impact the temp of the box. We did this all at once so I can’t really tell you what part made the most difference or worked best. But, hopefully it’ll give you a few ideas. If I had to do this over again, I would opt for a larger evaporator. Hope this helps...


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Hello- I own SM2K #422. The galley refrigerator seems incapable of getting to 47 degrees F, even when it has been defrosted. OK I'm in Bonaire where it's hot right now but........I've done the best I can on the door seal and have insulated the evaporator connection behind the unit pretty well.


In the settee units, I have lined the interior of both of them with Kevothermal vacuum insulated panels (R value of this stuff is 60 for 1 comes thinner as well). This isn't practical for the galley refrigerator because the outside fits too tightly in its place and the inside has too many irregularities to build a vacuum insulated panel mosaic.


I don't want to replace works and having a new unit wouldn't be great aesthetically (and getting the wood panel off the old unit to remedy that looks difficult).


I've considered increasing the size of the evaporator........even though re-siting the evaporator drip tray and drain is likewise kind of a pain.........


So I'm in the "scratching my head" place right now considering solutions. I was wondering if anyone had done anything creative.

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