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Our 2 cents:

Our fridge seawater circulation pump failed last year in Las Palmas the night before we were due to set off for the Caribbean, with fridges and freezers packed full...

Investigation showed the voltage out of the control unit was ~18V for a 12V pump and a 24V system. That puzzled me for a bit but further investigation showed the actual pump was mechanically dead; it would spin but no flow. 
I switched over to the spare pump just to find that was dead too (electrically dead). Cheeky previous owner and a bad mark for me for not checking it. 

So we rushed to buy a pair of jabsco pump that were exactly the same specs, size and everything. 
No problem since. 

On a side note, I’ve heard of 54 owners who changed the fridge water circulation circuit to use the fresh water tank instead of sea water. Probably thermodynamically as efficient, for the freshwater tank is just as cool as the sea, easier on the pump and other parts of the system (no barnacles, corrosive salt, etc), ability to run fridges when on the hard, no need to shutdown fridges when working on the sea water circuit (impellers, strainer, etc). And easy enough to implement.  

I like the idea, but i follow the rule of not changing anything on the boat for at least a year of ownership. 

Fair winds and cold beers,

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So, for those interested:
I looked it up on the Interweb and is seems Frigoboat (actual company name is  Veco S.p.A.) has this system where they use a special developed circulation pump designed to run 24/7. Apparently they did not want to develop a 24 volt version so they only have a 12 volt version. To accommodate a 24 volt ship's system they have some devices (like the pump switch) to lower the voltage from 24 to 12 volt. The compressor and such still runs on 24 volt as this is the standard Danfoss system that can accept both 12 and 24 volt.
So the switch ( itself converts the 24 volt into 12 volt to supply the pump.

The tricky part is that this pump has a fairly low consumption (1Amp. @ 12 Volt) and this pump should not be replaced by just any other pump, given it's duty cycle and noise level.
I'm actually wondering if this is not just a 24 volt pump set to rum at 12 volt to make it last longer and more quiet.
Amel 54's come equipped with a spare pump right next to the active one. There is a reason for this.


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