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As I understand it the 12vcirculating pumps for the fridge systems are standard 12v pumps but actually get 24v as measured. They work fine at the higher voltage and pump enough sea water to cool my three fridges on Amelia. I am sure you could replace them with a 24v pump but then you would draw double the current and maybe pump more water.  As a matter of interest my three fridges worked fine in the West Indies but I noticed the flow of water out of the port through hull to be a bit feeble. So I investigated and there was a bit of crud in the pipe work so I flushed it out and now the flow is much faster though the fridges seam to be no less or indeed more happy. My conclusion is that the flow rate is not overly critical even in hot Caribbean and cool Azores.


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So, for those interested:
I looked it up on the Interweb and is seems Frigoboat (actual company name is  Veco S.p.A.) has this system where they use a special developed circulation pump designedd to run 24/7. Apparently they did not want to develop a 24 volt version so they only have a 12 volt version. To accommodate a 24 volt ship's system they have some devices (like the pump switch) to lower the voltage from 24 to 12 volt. The compressor and such still runs on 24 volt as this is the standard Danfoss system that can accept both 12 and 24 volt.
So the switch ( itself converts the 24 volt into 12 volt to supply the pump.

The tricky part is that this pump has a fairly low consumption (1Amp. @ 12 Volt) and this pump should not be replaced by just any other pump, given it's duty cycle and noise level.
I'm actually wondering if this is not just a 24 volt pump set to rum at 12 volt to make it last longer and more quiet.
Amel 54's come equipped with a spare pump right next to the active one. There is a reason for this.


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