Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Guidance on replacing Engine tray mounts

Stephen Davis

Hello James and Louise,

Congratulations on your new Amel. They are great boats, and this forum is a fantastic resource to help get you through the learning curve. 

With regards to your engine mounts, I would have them changed, and re-aligned before you use the boat much. Poor alignment and worn mounts can lead to breaking the coupling, or even worse, the coupling and the shaft could break. If you can find a mechanic that has done this before on an SM, that would be ideal. It can be done by a very handy owner, but requires lifting the engine a bit, and the alignment procedure is critical. Did I mention, it is not a fun job. Usually, Olivier is listening, and he has a very detailed alignment procedure he can provide. If he does not chime in soon, I’ll find my copy of the procedure, and forward it to you. 

Enjoy your new boat. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72

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Hi Amel owners!

We have just purchased SM2k #260, very glad to have joined the family!

We are trying to find out information on the motor tray mounts on SM2k (Volvo). Are these Amel items or regular vets/volvo ones? Has anyone replaced them? Our survey has shown excessive vibration pointing at worn mounts causing misalignment..

Enclosed some pics of the mounts in question. 

Thanks in advance!

James & Louise

S/V TITANIUM - Valencia, Spain


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