Proud new owner of Amel SM50, first post

Charlie Kopp

Greetings to the group.

Nothing specific to report (although I do have about a hundred questions already). Just wanted to introduce myself to the group.

Last year, just before Halloween, I was lucky enough to fulfill a years-long dream and purchased Super Maramu #50. The vessel was already in Seattle, where I live, and already at my preferred marina as well.

I have sailed her about 20 times so far, and taken one 5-day trip up to the San Juan Islands.

I have noticed that it does, indeed, take a year to begin to understand the many systems. For example, I just noticed the excellent exhaust fan in the galley when I accidentally touched the controls while feeling for the light switch above and aft of the stove.

I've learned a lot already, fixed many things, discovered many more that need attention. My 2 biggest concerns currently are: Very rusty cast-iron ballast, and broken handle on fuel shutoff valve.

Anyway, hello to everyone. This is my first boat, quite possibly my last. I love the boat dearly, and I'm fairly obsessed with Monsieur Amel's story.

I'll be back, asking questions, weighing in on topics, and hopefully providing some assistance eventually.

- Charlie Kopp
-S/V Cloud Seven
-Amel SM #50 (1991)

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