Re: Exhaust stain

sm2000299 <g4ljf@...>

Hi Bill,

I agree it's a pain to keep the hull clean. I had a meeting with
Jacques Carteau recently and suggested that the exhausts be routed to
the underside of the transom. He said that this would cause
unacceptable noise in the aft cabin, though I doubt that it would be
often that you are trying to sleep and run the generator or engine.
At sea, not that I motor, I sleep in the companionway berth.

I did purchase a cleaner called Purple Blaster which is from FL. It's
pretty good at getting the stains off, and oil slicks too. I wonder
if it's the old 'Swipe' repackaged?

As you probably heard, I am not sailing at present, but hope to be
before too long.




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