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Stephen Davis

Hi Charlie,

Congratulations on your new Amel, and you have made a very good choice. We own 1992 hull #72, and our boat should be very similar to yours. Since we purchased ours in early 2014, we have done a fairly major refit, and cruised her nearly 15,000 miles. If you have any questions about how to upgrade or repair something, chances are I’ve already done it. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have some questions, and I’ll help if I can. Our older hull numbers have many differences from the 2000s, and even some of the later SMs. 

With regards to the fuel shutoff handle, is it the T handle inside the boat broken, or the actual valve on the tank? If it is the T handle in the boat, you should still be able to shut off the fuel at the tank. 


Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72
Ko Olina, Hawaii

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Hi Charlie,

Welcome to the Amel Family. I've recently joined myself and yes these boats are a steep learning curve. As they are designed and build by French people that have a strong opinion on what a boat should be, you can expect all kinds of unusual stuff. But, for me, most of it makes good sense. I'm sure you will have the same experience.

To your two concerns.
A rusty keel. Have it media blasted and re-coated. Anything else is just temporary.
Shut off valves are a pain in the $#%@. You never need them untill you do and then they don't work anymore.
The best but highly annoying solution is to exercise them every week. For you current problem you will need to remove all the diesel and renew the valve. But to a positive note that also gives you the chance to clean the tank. I'm sure it has collected some dirt by now.


Luna, A54

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