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Graham Boyd

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I posted questions on this subject a year ago and got remarkably
response. In the end I went to Deme Voiles and asked them to make
sails exactly like they are now putting on the 54. All singing all
dancing radial cut small vertical battens etc.. I have now done 6
months with these new sails and put simply thay have transformed
boats performance allowing us to sail in much lighter airs than
Can't recommend them strongly enough!

Graham Boyd
Well that created quite a stir!!

Here are the details. Deme Voiles, Le Pouliguen France make the sails
for the Amel 54. They have a good website. I went to the Southampton
Boat Show in Sep 07 to check them out and they looked just fine. We
ordered a "Super Maramu battened mainsail, furled in mast, 40sqm
Hydranet radial 383 gr" and the same for the mizzen but "22 sqm
Hydranet Radial 343 gr". Unlike UK sailmakers many of whom were very
keen to "have a go at some sails for an Amel" no measurements of the
boat were required: the sails were delivered to me in Scotland and
fitted perfectly.

In practice: With the old unbattened Gateff sails we got away with
furling when going down wind in some pretty strong winds. This is not
so easy with the new sails but this minor inconvenience is trivia
compared to the performance improvement. This summer we have sailed
extensively in some pretty varied winds up to 40 kts on the West of
Scotland and have been very pleased indeed with our new purchase,in
particular, sailing on many occasions when previously the engine
would have been on. Good news with the current price of diesel!

Graham Boyd

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