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Hi James,
Best advice I can give you is to get a surveyor very familiar with Amels.  I would get Olivier Beaute to do it and pay to fly him to where ever the boat is.  There is another well-thought-of Amel surveyor in Europe whose name you should be able to find on this forum.  I would also get Bill Rouse to assess the boat with you and take his Amel School as soon after purchasing the boat as possible.

Here’s how I replaced the mounts and aligned the engine with the CDrive.

Aligning the engine with the CDrive:
Have a solid aluminum piece made that has the same dimensions and bolt holes as the Vetus coupling.  Align the engine within recommended tolerances using this solid piece, mark everything, then replace the solid piece with the Vetus coupling.

Replacing the Engine Mounts:
I replaced my engine mounts a few years ago using Yanmar’s recommended mounts after repowering with a Yanmar 4JH4HTE 110HP.  The engine sits on the angle iron cradle and the cradle sits on the engine mounts which bolt to the stringers.  After removing the engine, the mounts were changed one at a time using the other existing mounts to keep the cradle where it was.  The new mounts were taller than the originals and the new engine required additional shims between the cradle and engine to get good alignment.

If this isn’t clear, let me know and I’ll try again.

Kristy SM243
Currently StMichaels MD USA

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Hi Bill

The tray is in good condition and not rusty, just the forward mounts. They are old and just leaked the oil thats oil I think. Also, raw water pump leak would be enough of an explanation. 

Main reason for the replacement is just to clear up the alignment issues should there be one after realigning. More a preventive measure.

But yes, the tray is fine..



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