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Alex Ramseyer <alexramseyer@...>

Dear Amelians,
I'm also evaluating a downwind / lightwind solution for my AMEL54, but I have the older configuration than Thomas, two separate poles, one on each side to be mounted to the mastfoot.
Other than that my requirements are identical to Thomas'. I haven't seen responses toThomas message, and appreciate each and every advice from the group.
fair winds,
Alex Ramseyer
AMEL54 #15

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Hi all,

We need to replace our 10year old Genaker that died in the Atlantic ocean crossing. 

We are looking for a sail that can:

1. Be poled out opposite to the poled out genoa for 150°-210° downwind sailing (our 54 has the 3 pole attachment mast foot, 1 forward and two side),

2. sustain robust trade winds in that configuration (say up to 18knt apparent wind, 27 true wind). Or in other words such that we can near hull speed before we need to take it down to protect the sail itself. Our Genaker was  old and tired but it always felt a bit too light for the intended purposes,

3. be suitable for furler-emmagasinneur furling (A54 don’t have the SM ballooner setup, sadly)

4. Ideally, could also perform for reaching in light winds. Our hydranet sails are heavy and need 10kn apparent wind to fly properly. In other words, a sail to complement the beloved secret sail (mizzen staysail) in the prevalent conditions (150° to 100° awa).

5. Ideally, survive tropical sun as best as possible,

We spoke to sailmakers and I felt they are not very accustomed to the needs of long term cruising boats with ketch rigging. 

So i’m seeking feedback from the experienced sailors of this group, to see if there is a compromise to these requirements.

Many thanks in advance,


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