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Thank you Mark.  I’ll give that a try.

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Here is a link to the correct size belt: Espares ships internationally at very reasonable rates.


The reason your belt broke is because the drum is ceased. The most probable cause for this is the drum bearing being frozen. Perhaps the unit hasn’t been used in a while. It is an easy fix. Open the washer from the top. Open the inner drum (hopefully it is stuck so you can access the inside). When facing the washer (with your back to the nav-station) you will see a perforated cover held on with 4 screws on the right side of the drum. Remove this cover. Vacuum out any soap crud. Use a penetrating oil and spay the bearing in this area. It is hard to see the bearing but if you spray in enough oil it will find its way. The drum will work free if you rock it back and forth. Let the oil do its job. If you can let it sit overnight, even better. Once the drum is free, keep spinning it by hand.. Without the belt you should be able to give it a good amount of oomph and it will spin a few revolutions before stopping. Install the new belt. Cycle the washer at least once without cloths to remove the remnants of the oil.


In future, you can prevent the belt from breaking if you ensure the drum is turning freely when you put in the laundry.


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Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter as the case may be),


The belt on my Thomson Australe broke.  I found a replacement which appears to be identical to the one tha broke, but when I try to install the new belt, I'm lacking a good 30mm or so to get it on.  To make matters more difficult, the drum is locked, and I can't figure out how to get it unlocked so I can (hopefully) turn the drum while I try to install the new belt.


I'm sure someone else has done this, can you tell me how you got the new belt on?


Thanks in advance.


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