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An impact driver is one of those tools you don't really need... until you do!

I am using a Ridgid cordless electric 1/2 inch drive impact driver.  If not this exact model, then one just like it. 

Nothing magic about the brand--it just used a battery that matched the drill I already owned.  The 1/2 inch drive makes finding attachments a bit more difficult, but it is a more powerful tool than the typical 1/4 inch snap-in attachments most consumer models use.   

I am sure the typical air drive impact wrench would do at least as well.  

I have tried a couple of the impact wrenches that are powered by manual hammer blows.  I have never found one that I thought was worth anything.

I have a collection of these kinds of bits in different sizes for various screw head sizes.  

For most of the screws a big, square shaft, screw driver that lets you turn it with a wrench will let you get enough torque to get the screws out.  Get the screwdrivers from one of the brands that offers a lifetime warrantee, you'll probably bend or break a few!  

It's really, really, important that when you use this much torque you have a tool that fits the screw really well otherwise you'll just destroy the screw head.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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Are you using an impact driver? Manual, air or electric?



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